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    Hi Friends,<BR> I have the following pages:<BR>PageOne : form for entering data<BR><BR>PageTwo : page for processing the inserted data<BR>(e.g insert into table...etc)<BR><BR>PageThree: displays data and allows an admin to select a record<BR> and make changes to it<BR>PageFour: displays the selected record (i.e in text boxes<BR> to allow for editing-say change an address or phone<BR> #)<BR><BR>Question: after the changes are made on PageFour how do I make PageTwo also handle the updates ("eg Update table where primaryKey = 4") <BR><BR>Do I have to name the submit button and then do a insert or updated depending on which one is selected? how? Many thanks.<BR>

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    I generally find that you have to build entirely separate forms and code for UPDATEs vs. INSERTS.<BR><BR>Just the nature of the beast.<BR><BR>There are hacks that work, such as always deleting the original record so that an update is really just a delete/insert, but that changes the index numbers which will screw up all relational database stuff you have.

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