Hi all,<BR><BR>Big major problem. Gradually getting nuts over here. I just can&#039;t figure out the problem.<BR>Hope you people can help me out.<BR><BR>I need to upload an image (gif) from client side to an mysql database on a remote server.<BR>The image is send correctly with a form and correctly requested by an asp page.<BR><BR>The data (= image) is correctly appended with appendchunk to the rs.fields("imagefield")<BR><BR>No problems here. Everything works correctly<BR><BR>because when I do a response.binarywrite(rs("imagefield") after setting the correct properties ==&#062;<BR><BR>Response.Expires = 0<BR>Response.Buffer = TRUE<BR>Response.Clear<BR>Response.ContentType = "image/gif"<BR><BR>The image is displayed properly.<BR><BR>Now here&#039;s what goes wrong.<BR><BR>After opening the connection to the database, adding new record ==&#062; rs.addnew and appending the image, this all works correctly, I do a rs.update and an rs.close.<BR><BR>I get an error message on the rs.update line:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC-stuurprogrammabeheer] Ongeldige tekenreeks- of bufferlengte<BR><BR>This is in Dutch, roughly translated it means something like: <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC-driverprogram] Illegal signs- or bufferlength<BR><BR>I think it has something to do with the bufferlength.<BR><BR>Any help or suggestions are welcome.<BR><BR>Have fun, I.<BR>