ASP Freelance scripters wanted (ADO CDO ADSI etc)

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Thread: ASP Freelance scripters wanted (ADO CDO ADSI etc)

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    Gareth Lloyd Guest

    Default ASP Freelance scripters wanted (ADO CDO ADSI etc)

    I am looking for people with ASP scripting skills who might be available to work on various projects via web and/or email.<BR>I would be interested in anyone with general ASP abilities in VBScript or JavaScript who could implement database applications from my designs or from people with more specialist expertise.<BR>If you have worked with ASP applications that interface with other Microsoft technologies like Exchange Server or ADSI etc. then that would be of special interest. You may be interested in undertaking complete projects or on a particular aspect of an application.<BR>If you think you may be interested, please let me know the kind of things that you have done and how you might like to work.<BR>I am looking for assistance with both volume of work and in more quickly expanding its technological reach of in response to demand.<BR><BR>Gareth Lloyd<BR>

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    William Ball Guest

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    I am looking for freelance work! Please review my resume at:<BR><BR>

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