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    Gregg Franklin Guest

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    I have an asp page that takes a while to load. I would like to have the page load "Working..." How can I do this?

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    Don&#039t use response.Buffer = true<BR><BR>somewhere at the top of your page, after the opening html tags, but before the bulk of your ASP page, put:<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;h1&#062;Working...&#060;/h1&#062;"<BR><BR>That&#039s the easy way, the other way is to actually point your link to a page that only has the worl "Working..." on it, in that page have an auto redirect (client side, not response.redirect) to your asp page. The "Working" page will stay loaded until the asp page is complete. In this case you would want to use Response.Buffer = true in your asp page<BR><BR>Hope I helped<BR><BR>Nathan

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