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    Default Inserting semicolon

    Hi Friends<BR><BR>I have a txtfile with around 500 lines of text...I have to insert a semicolon at the end of each to do this from an asp page.<BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Default Well, as long as you know how to...

    ...use the file system object, it is rather straightforward.<BR><BR>The following is pseudo-code which explains what to do:<BR><BR>Open Source Text File<BR>Open A New Text File<BR><BR>While Not at the End of the File<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Read Line From Source Text File<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Concatenate Semicolon<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Write Concatenated Line To New Text File<BR>Wend<BR><BR>Close New Text File<BR>Close Source Text File<BR><BR>Delete Source Text File<BR>Rename New Text File to Source Text File<BR><BR>Oliver.

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