Hey I got a comm object for a Valentina DB. I don&#039;t have the library header files and so I can&#039;t import the dll into ASP.Net. I got around that by calling server.createobject. Below is a snippet of code I am having trouble with.<BR><BR>For intCounter = 1 to vCursor.RecordCount<BR> vField = vCursor.Field( intCounter )<BR> strReturn = strReturn & vField.Value & "<BR>"<BR> vCursor.NextRecord()<BR> <BR>Next<BR><BR>The big problem is I cannot assign a dynamic value to the Object vCursor.Field(). It keeps kicking out the error (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Field not found). Could this be an issue involving the order of processing? Its almost as if the object is being executed before a value is being assigned to intCounter, but I thought it executed line by line. I am totally stumped, I am hoping someone who has more experience using comm objects inside of asp.net will have a better idea. Also as a side note, this object was actually written for PHP.