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    hi all-<BR><BR>let me first thank all those who responded to a question i posted on creating an update statement a few weeks ago. i appreciate it.<BR><BR>i am using html forms, ASP and ADO to edit information in an Access database. i build the form using subroutines and functions i wrote that are stored in a common include file (such as YesNo(field) or NextTableRow(field1, field2, "field decription")). after the form is completed it updates the database table using <BR><BR>for each field in objRS.fields<BR><BR>to create an UPDATE statement in SQL. i have about 20 such pages that update data from 20 corresponding database tables. however the responses i get aren&#039t as clean as i&#039d like. there are frequently fields where a certain response negates other questions on the form (e.g. a yes/no question asking "do you go to our support website" negates follow up questions such as "which browser do you use to look at the site?" or "do you find it easy to navigate") <BR><BR>is there a way, using vbscript (or another scripting language) to "grey out" certain questions as the user is completing the form?<BR><BR>this would really improve the value of the information subitted.<BR><BR>thanks for any help<BR>daniel<BR>dlprager@students.wisc.edu

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    Well with IE you can specify form elements to be readonly and disabled which you can alter from javascript or vbscript. If you are dealing with netscape then the only way I have seen and this have been a while since I checked was to specify the input type of a text field to readonly. This will only work with netscapes text boxes and not radio or anything. <BR><BR>I would try something like DHTML to add the elements as you go, if you are going to be donig a lot of editing then if a person clicks yes/no on a box then insert another &#060;tr&#062;...corasponding input types ...&#060;/tr&#062; and remove then later. You will have to play around with dhtml and dhtml support in multiple browsers but this could be a work around.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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