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    Is there a way (other than using a bunch of splits and replaces) to get dates in the format of<BR><BR>mm/dd/yy<BR><BR>I know I can use FormatDateTime(dateVar, 2) to come up with mm/dd/yyyy, but I need to use the two digit year value and not the four.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Nick

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    Default You could change the LCID...

    ...find a Session.LCID value that uses 2-digit year by default. But I would bet that if you do you&#039;ll also get day before month and have DD/MM/YY<BR><BR>But what&#039;s the big deal?<BR><BR>Function NicksDate( dt )<BR> dt = CDate( dt ) &#039; just to be sure<BR> NicksDate = Right( "0" & Month(dt), 2 ) & "/" _<BR> & Right( "0" & Month(dt), 2 ) & "/" _<BR> & Right( CSTR(Year(dt)), 2 )<BR>End Function<BR>

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