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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m using an ASP.NET app with VB codebehind to make calls to a web service to retrieve values from a database.<BR><BR>Because of the multiple calls that are independent of one another, and due to the retrieval times, I&#039;m trying to implement a threaded environment. As this is my first time experimenting with threads, I found a few guides and followed the instructions. It will thread, but there appears to be a conflict, as I get a System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationExceptio n thrown as a result. It only happens when I make more than one thread run. Otherwise, it works fine.<BR><BR>Can anyone help? Thanks.<BR><BR>Willis

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    What kind of response times are you expecting/needing?<BR>Are you spawning threads in aspx pages?<BR><BR>Why not use a db, and a service.You can decouple the web service from your app.<BR>When you have a new call to make, write the info relative to the call to the db.<BR>You can have a service or (even simpler) a console app that is run as a scheduled task.<BR>The console app can read from the db, make the calls and save the resuts back to the db.<BR>

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