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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

    Default Lost newly created table

    I just created a new table but it doesn&#039;t appear anywhere! <BR><BR><BR>--create a new table in tempdb database<BR>CREATE TABLE tempdb.[dbo].tblAviationDCP<BR> (<BR> ID int primary key,<BR> Dates datetime,<BR> P1 char(3),<BR> P2 char(3),<BR> P1_P2_Pax numeric (18,0),<BR> P1_P2_LF numeric (18,1),<BR> P2_P1_Pax numeric (18,0),<BR> P2_P1_LF numeric (18,1)<BR> )<BR><BR>This is the error message:<BR><BR>Server: Msg 2714, Level 16, State 6, Line 2<BR>There is already an object named &#039;tblAviationDCP&#039; in the database.<BR><BR>I look at the tempdb (have refreshed the list) but nothings&#039; there.

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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

    Default Issue resolved <eom>

    If the table is empty it doesn&#039;t appear, with records in it it does.

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    Default RE: Issue resolved <eom>

    Interesting I did not know that of a table in the tempdb

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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

    Default Actually...

    ...I used in the Query Analyser teh Object Search (F4) function after having created the table and IT APPEARED! I then went to Enterprise Manager and there it was as well! My theory is not correct! Sorry.

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    Default refresh?

    so, was it a refresh issue, or what?<BR>~~Chaotix<BR>

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