I&#039m the webmaster of a Norwegian site (http://www.reiseforsikring.no). Please feel free to have a look.<BR><BR>Anyway, I&#039m looking for a "clean" ASP Mailing List, where I can have visitors register in a mailing list database and receive a newsletter from me when I decide. The mailing list should have the ability for the users to automatically subscribe AND unsubscribe to the newsletter in a radio button (and not only when they receive the newsletter). This mailing list should of course have a administration site where one can edit and delete registered users, and hopefully have to ability to manage separate newsletters. The newsletter should detect and reject double registering. I have seen this newsletter in Perl (on BignoseBird) but not in ASP. And I&#039ve searched quite a lot of resources I should say.<BR><BR>I have seen the good article here on 4guysfromrolla, where one combines such a newsletter with a guestbook, but I&#039m looking for a "clean" newsletter. And I&#039m not good enough in ASP to convert this to a clean newsletter myself.<BR><BR>Does anyone now where I can find such a resource, preferably a free resource ??? I&#039m starting to get desperate....<BR><BR>By the way, nice Messageboard here on 4guysfromrolla. I have my one forum on my site (its in Norwegian, sorry).<BR>