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    Help I just installed windows 2003 server, with IIS, and am having trouble getting .aspx files to load, or execute. I always get a 404 error, "file not found," even when I open MMC and right click->browse the file in internet services manager, to be sure that I'm not making a typo. What really is driving me nuts is that when I take away all the script/execute permissions for this folder, my error changes to 403.1, Execute access is denied. So obviously the file is there, and the 404 error is incorrect. Also, I placed a file crap.txt right next to my .aspx file, and it never fails to load, no matter what settings I have. No help to be found on the web . . .

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    There are some situations where will return 404 instead of "proper" errors.<BR>Look for some of the usual suspects, aka security on files, access for the anon user.<BR>Make sure that you have friendly errors turned off in the browser.<BR><BR>You could try running aspnet_regiis.exe -ua and then aspnet_regiis.exe -i to uninstall and reinstall

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