I want to create Hyperlink dynamically from my codebehind page.<BR>I am checking the datatype of the data coming from the Db if the data type is datetime i want to show a pop up window when user clicks on the hyperlinked item.<BR>If it&#039;s just a text type I am showing TextBox(I got the creating textbox dynamically part) However I am running into some problems w/ hyperlink.<BR>------------------------------------------<BR>HyperLink hplink = new HyperLink();<BR>hplink.ImageUrl="Images/cal.gif";<BR><BR>Actually all I need to do is convert the following code to<BR>to run at server. <BR><BR><BR>&#060;a href="calendar.aspx" onClick="popup(calendar.aspx&#039;,&#039;cal&#039; );return false;"&#062; <BR><BR>any helpw would be appreciated. Thanks!