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    I am working on a project in creating bound data reports for a client. The client wants to be able to print these reports out. The report consists of a header section with bound information (using multiple repeaters in html to display) and a body section with more bound data(and more multiple repeaters). Printing from Internet Explorer works, but the client wants the header to appear at the top of each page. Unfortunately the header contains more information than title, page number and date, so IE page setup is out.<BR>I have tried CSS. Unfortunately, the @page rule of CSS 2.0 is not supported in IE(and this would have definitely solved the problem! Thanks, Bill!). XLST FO looked like another option, but IE again does not support this either. I keep getting referred back to MSHTML and print templates, but I have little if any knowledge of this and no knowledge of C++. Is this my only option to print a running data-bound header on each page???<BR>Any suggestions welcome!<BR>

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    hi,<BR><BR>take a look at (demo available)<BR><BR>they have a component available that uses LAYOUTRECTs to flow content into pages..<BR><BR>also, search on the microsoft site as well for layoutrects.. in there they have an example of dynamically creating layoutrects using javascript..<BR><BR>using a combo of the two may be able to help u

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