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    As a Newbie I am trying to organise that after filling out a form the inputter gets to review what they keyed into the ASP/Html form before posting it to my Access Database to save errors being added to the db.<BR><BR>Is there a tutorial on this or some simple code that someone might share with me? <BR><BR>

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    There&#039;s no real trick to this. You know how to post the information to another page (or the same page), yes? Well all you do is have that page displays the form data. <BR><BR>Use something like<BR><BR>formdata = request.form("dataname")<BR><BR>and then just add &#060;%= formdata %&#062; inside some font tags.<BR><BR>At the same time, add the data into a (or several) hidden textfield(s). The &#039;Post&#039; button then posts the form data from this new form so a page can add it to the database, while the &#039;Preview&#039; button sends it back to the initial data entry page where it is displayed back in the textfields in the same way as shown above.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Pete.<BR>

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