I am having problems when I build a "setup project" using "project output" from a "ASP.NET web application" which currently holds only ASP pages and other files (e.g HTML, gif, pdf, doc...)<BR><BR>The problem is:<BR>If there are folders with duplicate names but at different subfolder levels, the .NET build process for the Web Setup project given an error:<BR>"Unable to build folder named &#060;foldername&#062;"<BR>This is because of a duplicate folder name say as follows:<BR><BR>/common<BR>/images/common<BR><BR>Here the folder name "common" is duplicate but at different level. So .NET build for the WebSetup Project gives an error as follows:<BR>Unable to build folder named "common"<BR><BR>There is no error when I build the web application itself, only problem is when I build the Setup project for this web application.<BR><BR>Can anyone help please.