This is a general question about manipulating Windows Services.<BR><BR>I am trying to stop/start/disable/pause a Windows Service using an ASP.Net project. I can get the status of the Windows Service no problem but I cannot stop/start it. I always get the error:<BR><BR>"Cannot open MyServiceName service on computer &#039;.&#039;.<BR><BR>I am thinking this may be some kind of permissions issue since ASP.Net projects run under a different context and security scheme than Windows Application projects do. Please let me know if you know if it is possible to manipulate (stop/start/etc.) a Windows Service using an ASP.Net application and if there are any special tricks I have to do in order to make this work.<BR><BR>I have written .Net Windows Application projects than can manipulate a Windows Service no problem. The same coding techniques don&#039;t work in ASP.Net however.<BR><BR>Thank You.<BR><BR>Alex