Help! I can't display ASP pages anymore!

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Thread: Help! I can't display ASP pages anymore!

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    I&#039ve just started working with Active Server Pages. I was trying to use the Visual Interdev debugger to step through some code but I kept getting an error message saying:<BR><BR>"Unable to set server into correct debugging state automatically. You may not be able to debug ASP pages. Do you want to continue launching the debugger?"<BR><BR>So I went into the Internet Service Manager to see if there was something I needed to enable there. I went into my (local) web site&#039s Properties/Home Directory tab/Configuration button/App Debugging tab and I checked both debugging flags. After I did that I went back to try to debug my application and I noticed that my browser (IE5) was no longer displaying any of my ASP pages! In other words, if I point my browser to one of my server&#039s ASP pages it asks me if I want to download the file! It&#039s as if ASP pages have been disabled in my web server. <BR><BR>What has happened? How can I make my web server (IIS) interpret ASP pages correctly?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Alvaro<BR>

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    U need to reinstall Front Page Server Extentions. If thats not gonna help, reinstall IIS.

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