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    Hi friends,<BR><BR>while iam using cdonts component it is goving error that object creation failed,<BR>script is<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim subject<BR> subject=request.querystring("one")<BR>subject=subj ect&request.querystring("two")<BR>subject=subject& request.querystring("three")<BR>subject=subject&re quest.querystring("four")<BR>dim mymail<BR>set mymail=server.createobject("cdonts.newmail")<BR><B R>maymail.to="admin@iactchefacademy.com"<BR>mymail .subject=subject<BR>mymail.body=subject<BR>mymail. send<BR>%&#062;<BR>error is<BR>Server object error &#039;ASP 0177 : 800401f3&#039; <BR><BR>Server.CreateObject Failed <BR><BR>/iact/savefaq.asp, line 8 <BR><BR>800401f3 <BR><BR><BR><BR>Please help me.

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    The cdonts dll isn&#039;t on the server, it&#039;s corrupted, or not registered.<BR><BR>on the web box, get to the command prompt and type:<BR><BR>regsvr32 cdonts.dll<BR><BR>you&#039;ll get one of a few messages<BR><BR>1) a success message<BR>solution : there&#039;s probably been an intermittent error, a restart should clear it.<BR><BR>2) Load Library("cdonts.dll") failed - the specified module could not be found<BR>solution: cdonts needs to be in the system folder (winnt/system32 or similar)<BR><BR>3) Any other error message could be the result of numerous things, a corrupt dll amongst them; come vback with the error if that&#039;s the case.<BR><BR><BR><BR>cp

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