Hello All,<BR><BR>Have a bit of a tricky one here, and wondering if anyone could help me out. The problem involves allowing my ISP hosted ASP 3.0 pages to access and internal SQL server database. Does anyone know how this can best (if at all) be done?<BR><BR>From wat we have come up with, there are two possible solutions:<BR><BR>1. Configure our firewall so that only our ISP can get through on SQL port to query, but that does not provide enough security as SQL level access will send passwords in clear text (not acceptable for required security level), and this may at the same time expose our production database.<BR>2. Create some kind of Web service (an ASP page) that locally queries the database, and have our external ASP page query the internal page (is this even possible?). This would allow for the only opening up ports from our ISPs IP to our webserver for HTTP traffic. (Again, hosting the actual external page ourselves is not an option due to bandwidth considerations).<BR><BR>The second idea seems preferable, but i have no idea how i&#039;d go about it. Any ideas? Any help or advice on either of the above two options (or in general) would be greatly appreciated, as i know it would be very difficult to not know more than i do!!<BR><BR>Many Thanks,<BR>Steve<BR><BR>