OK here are my table fields in my access database.<BR>ChildsSSN - text<BR>ReportDate - Date<BR>InsuranceType1 - True/False<BR>InsuranceType2 - True/False<BR>InsuranceType3 - True/False<BR>InsuranceNone - True/False<BR><BR>It has to be done in an access query because the client just wants a database and no asp. Now this is what it has to do. I need to find the total amount of people that who on the first visit (lowest ReportDate) dont have insurance (InsuranceNone = true) and then within a timeperiod say 6 months get insurance (InsuranceType1, InsuranceType2 OR InsuranceType3 is true).<BR><BR>Please tell me there is a way I can do all of that inside of access. <BR><BR>Thanks for all of the help<BR>