doing the following :<BR><BR>Reading a recordset into a variable.<BR>Writing the variable contents into a file.<BR>Creating mail object, attaching file.<BR><BR>Problem : <BR>the last line of the csv file when mailed the last field in the last record is corrupted. <BR><BR>Ruled Out :<BR>File is being mailed with 6 other cvs files which are fine.<BR><BR>If there are 10 records and I limit the recordset read to the top 9 the file is fine.<BR><BR>If the file is viewed on the server or downloaded with binary and text ftp transfer it is fine, only when it is attached does it get corrupted.<BR><BR>What I want to know : <BR>Are there any know bugs with Cdonts mail that may be causing the problem. I have written the contents of the recordset to the screen. I have written the contents of the variable to the screen. I have read the file and written it to the screen after it has been created and it is fine. I have placed the contents of the cvs file from the variable, a session variable and the read of the file from disk as the body of the mail and all of it is fine. I have tried al I know and am at a loss.<BR><BR>Any ideas???????????<BR><BR><BR><BR>