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    Starting a brand new navigation "button/link bar" on the left hand side of the page.<BR><BR>What is the best way to go? DHTML? Flash? Other?<BR><BR>I want the best approach so I do not have to do it twice.<BR>I want to go flash, I think the audience can handle it. But some of the flash navigation I have seen sometimes does not display correctly when you minimize a browser window and then restore it.<BR><BR>I would love to use something like the Coalesys Panel Bar, but I do not want to buy a component.<BR><BR>

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    Default So reverse engineer it

    Anything like that Panel Bar *MUST* be using stuff that is accessible in all browsers, no? So go find a site using one and figure out how they are doing it.<BR><BR>All that the product *really* does for you is allow you to just type in the info and then it builds the HTML and JS code for you.<BR><BR>Of course, to make that JS code work in virtually every browser out there...*THAT* is the big trick.<BR><BR>It&#039;s nearly trivial to build cascading menus, etc., with MSIE, compared to trying to do so with NS 4.7 or Opera or ... Well, you get the idea.<BR><BR>

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