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    I am using a form as a feedback and without a sender&#039;s e mail address (in the example bellow it is--- Email) it isn&#039;t working. <BR>sendMail("", Email, "Quote Rate", messageBody)<BR>Is it possible to use sendMail function without mentioning the e mail address of the sender???<BR><BR>Thank you... i need the answer kind of ASAP

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    Default Depends on what you are using

    You don&#039;t show what kind of mail component you are using. CDONTS? JMail? ASPMail??? What?<BR><BR>Some of them insist on a FROM address. It *can* be a dummy, though.<BR><BR>In any case, AOL and YAHOO and HOTMAIL (and maybe others?) will *NOT* deliver mail to subscribers that doesn&#039;t have a FROM address that appears valid, so even if you managed to send it they wouldn&#039;t deliver it.<BR><BR>

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