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    How do I solve:<BR><BR>unable to create web project alex, file path \server1wwwroot$alex does not correspond to url http://server1/alex. The 2 need to map to the same server location.<BR><BR>I have mapped home directoy to /public and the wwwroot$ is mapped to /public. Why is it still complaining ?

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    I have also faced this problem. There are two things that I normally do and that slves the problem for me. <BR>1. Check if you are behind a proxy. If yes then shut the proxy off and then try to open your project. <BR>2. Try removing everything from your local machine and create the whole project again. But then if you are working on the local machine only you might want to take a back up of all the files before deleting the project from your machine. <BR><BR>HTH

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