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    I need to be able to provide webmasters with a link to my site, with a tracking code maybe like In turn they would put that link on there site(page 1), when a visitor would click on that link the main.asp page(page 2) would write that tracking to a data base (I know how to do that) then redirect them to an offer page(page 3). Up to this point the response.redirect and a if than statment would work. Here is the trick, I want to know if they hit the back button to exit the offer page(page 3). the redirect keeps the first page as the history, so here is what happens, page1 to page 2 to page 3 then if back is hit page 3 to page 1 skipping page 2 which has the data base write code. And to top it off, I can&#039;t put code on page 1 or page 3. I know this is done with affiliate marketing, can anyone help me, please! <BR>Thanks,<BR>Tony

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