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    Hi guys!,<BR><BR>How do I when a person is searching a database e.g. Types in Food, represent a particular search result and assign a percentage to it. Can someone suggest what I can do and how?<BR><BR>Possible Database Results<BR>E.g. <BR>1) Italian Food<BR>2) Western Food and Desserts<BR>3) Indian Curry and Other Food

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    how do you do the search on the database?<BR><BR>a percentage would be what has the most content.<BR>1) Italian Food<BR>1)a 10 articles<BR>2) Western Food and Desserts<BR>2)a 50 articles<BR>3) Indian Curry and Other Food<BR>3)a 25 articles<BR><BR>2)a would have the higher percentage with the most articles<BR>Or <BR>based on the "Word Food"<BR>how many time the keyword "food" shows up in your search.<BR>Again the highes content would have the highest percentage<BR>or rating maybe?<BR><BR>its too vague what your asking.

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