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    HOw can i make that my vars session of four arrays give to my session of my four users <BR>becuase i need to do a Dominoes <BR>but i cant pass the variables of my array that contain the pieces to my users session

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    ...but that simply doesn&#039;t make a lot sense.<BR><BR>I *think* you are asking: How can I have a four-person game of Dominoes where the information about the game is shared between four people?<BR><BR>Is that close to right?<BR><BR>If so, this is something that ASP wasn&#039;t really designed to do, but you could do it by sharing the information via either an Application variable or by storing it in a database.<BR><BR>If I didn&#039;t guess your problem correctly, then...<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure English isn&#039;t your native language, so maybe you could find somebody to try to help you translate your request into something we can understand?<BR><BR>

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