How to return a Recordset from a Custom DLL

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Thread: How to return a Recordset from a Custom DLL

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    I&#039;ve created a DLL that make some jobs on a Database and return back a recordset from a method. I&#039;ve test the dll with a VB Form and I&#039;ve assigned to a recordset the results of this method.<BR>In VB everythings work but when i try toi use this method from an ASP page the server doesn&#039;t recognize the result like a recordset so i can&#039;t use any custom method of the ADODB Recordset.<BR>I&#039;ve also try to create the Recordset Object by the Server.CreateObject but i&#039;m back the same error &#039;Object needed&#039;.<BR>I&#039;ve found on MSDN an example with the RDS Datafactory but is not what I need, I want only that the dll i&#039;ve created get back a recordset when i execute this specific method.<BR><BR>1 set srcf=Server.CreateObject("Myobject.util")<BR>2 set rst=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>3 srcf.firstproperty=cint(5)<BR>4 srcf.secondproperty=clng(-100)<BR>5 set rst=srcf.Best5FondiRegion(firstparameter, secondparameter)<BR>6 if not rst.eof then<BR><BR>at line 6 return the error because doesn&#039;t recognize the rst object like an ADODB.Recordset<BR><BR>Someone can Help me?

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    Please don&#039;t crosspost.<BR><BR>

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