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    I&#039ve finally gotten my form to go to the Thank You page with out any permission errors or runtime - but it&#039s not sending the e-mail and none of the information requested to post to the Thank You page from the Form is there!!<BR><BR>IF Request.form("Order1") = "Yes" THEN<BR>Response.write("Total Amount for Selection: "&Amt1&"&#060;P&#062;")<BR>ELSE<BR>Response.write( "")<BR>END IF<BR><BR>Order1 is a checkbox with the Value set to Yes<BR>Amt1 is a number the user enters<BR><BR>What is wrong with my code and if anyone has any ideas why my e-mail is not sent, please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks guys<BR>

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    How are you passing the information from one page to another? If you are setting the variable amt1 in your form page asp code, this will not be available for your thankyou page, unless the page is self-referencing. If the amount is passed in a form field you need to : Response.write("Total Amount for Selection: " & request.form("Amt1") & "&#060;P&#062;"). Or you could set the variable as a session variable making it available for the life of the session.<BR>As for the mail, would need to see the code.<BR>Not sure if this answers your question, sorry if I mis-interpreted.

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