how can get x,y coordiante from the map.htm page

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Thread: how can get x,y coordiante from the map.htm page

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    Default how can get x,y coordiante from the map.htm page

    Hi all,<BR><BR>Please inform / guide<BR>How I can capture the x1,y1 and x2,y2 coordinates from the map.asp or map.html page.<BR>I have to display map page in html or asp file and moveup and movedown over the page<BR>the x1,y1 and x2,y2 coordinate capturing and passing to data_entry.htm file.<BR><BR>details is :-<BR><BR>(admap.htm file)<BR>for hidden text boex should be used to capture screen coordinates. First two<BR>coordinates should be captured with MOuseDown event and the next wo with MOuseup event. Code shoud be wirtten to make sure that the query is run only when the area on the map is selected and not outside the map. Situation where MouseDown event occurs outside the map and MOuseup event occurs inside<BR>the map. Suitable tolerance to coordinates should be added by code or while querying the database.<BR><BR>(drawings.htm file)<BR>Results should be arranged in easy to read manner. Drawing names returned from the database could be linked to the actual file in the main office.<BR><BR>(admap_coords.htm file)<BR>same suggestions as for admap.htm. a separate button for passing parameters to next page should be provided. When the first two coordinates are captured, an appropriate message should be displayed on status-bar. The same thing can be done after second two coordinate are retrieved. all of this<BR>will ensure that user can select correct area on the map if first selection is not correct.<BR><BR>(data_entry.htm file)<BR>coordinate resolution information should be automatically filled from parameters information to avoid mistakes and introduce ease. Responsibility of selecting proper screen area lies on the user.<BR><BR>Please inform / guide send simple script ? what script will be use for getting the x and y coordinate from the map.htm or map.asp file. I have completed half project, remaining project have to complete with your help.<BR><BR>Best regards.<BR><BR>Mateen Martin<BR><BR>De Leuw Cather International (Pvt) Ltd.,<BR>Abu Dbabi, UAE.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Depends a *LOT* on the browser

    NS and MSIE use very very different coordinate schemes and different mouse capabilities.<BR><BR>Is this for an inTRAnet, where all users must us MSIE browser?<BR><BR>

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