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    Default can't disable cookies

    I was setting up a check on my site to see if cookies where enabled before allowing the user to log in (I keep a login id in a session variable so I need cookeies anabled). To test it out I tried turning off cookies in my browser even deleteing all the cookies that I had and nothing seemed to work it would always find the cookies. In testing I was viewing the page on the testing server (my local machine). Just to try something different I tried another computer and it poped up gave me a warning...did what I expected. Why did it not do this (or even diable cookies for that matter because I could still get into the restricted part of the site) when I was testing it on the server?

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    Default Did you close your browser

    after turning them off? If you didn&#039;t, there&#039;s your problem.<BR><BR>You also are saying session variables... not the same thing as deleteing cookies on your hard drive.

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