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    Orbitz has these ads, I&#039;m sure you&#039;ve seen them, one where you&#039;re a pitcher and the other (that I just seen today) you&#039;re golfing... as ads go, these are pretty cool. I spent at least 10 minutes golfing today on their popup. (you can tell I&#039;m at work)<BR><BR>No point here, just that I think they&#039;re pretty cool.

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    Default Blasphemy!!

    Ads are NOT.. I repeat... NOT cool. ;)<BR><BR>But yeah, I&#039;ve seen them. It&#039;s a fun way to waste a few mins. at work. Now, if they started doing GOOD games like on zone.com.......:)<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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    Default FHM.com had..

    .. the "Top 100" online games. Had some fun ones.

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