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Thread: trying to capture value in a drop box

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    I have a page with a drop box and when the user selected a value they would have click a button and a pop window would appear and the last value that was picked from the dropbox would stay visible. Now i moved the information from the popup window to the same page and when click on the button to view my info the dropbox goes back to the first option sort of like a refresh. What i need is to keep the last choice picked stay in the drop box until user selects another value. Need Help!

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    When you come back to the page instead of popping a window, are you getting a value in your response.form("dropValue") or response.querystring("dropValue")?. You should be, and you can use this variable to set which value is selected when you rebuild your dropdown. <BR>&#060;select name="dropValue")<BR> &#060;option name="CO" value="CO" &#060;% if strDropDownValue = "CO" then %&#062; selected &#060;% end if %&#062;&#062;CO&#060;/option&#062;<BR> etc.<BR>&#060;/select&#062;<BR>I hope I understood your question properly and that this helps.

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