Hello all,<BR><BR> This is an advanced question... but it is in ASP.Net not ASP. (Apologies in advanced if this is in the wrong location).<BR><BR>I have a system that uploads a powerpoint document, opens it and then converts the Slides into Gif files. This works fine, however, I run the close application bit, it runs without errors but doesn&#039;t close it.<BR><BR>Dim PPTConv As New PowerPoint.Application()<BR>PPTConv.Visible = True<BR>PPTConv.Presentations.Open(Server.MapPath( "TheDoc.ppt"))<BR>Dim fileHTM As String = "Test"<BR>PPTConv.ActivePresentation.SaveAs(fileHT M, ppSaveAsHTML, True)<BR>PPTConv.ActivePresentation.Close()<BR>PPT Conv.Quit()<BR>PPTConv = Nothing<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas why the PPTConv.Quit() doesn&#039;t work beacuse PowerPoint is still open in my Process list on my system?<BR><BR>Thanks in advanced,<BR><BR>blu3