Ok, I&#039;m kind of confused. On our old box, we had Exchange 5. On our new box, we have purchased Windows 2000 Small Backoffice Server. I am trying to setup Exchange 2000 for _very simple_ pop email, and i&#039;m having no luck. I have to problems:<BR>1) I can log into the box to check email from outside the domain, but when I try to _send_ email to a user on the server, no email gets through to it (it&#039;s like the email travels around a bit, and can&#039;t find a place, so I get a return email saying: "delivery failure" or "message delayed".) It was much simpler in Exchange 5. Is there a step-by-step guide for setting up simple email settings? I don&#039;t need routing, bladdy blah blah stuff. Just simple, POP email.<BR><BR>2) My SMTP service from IIS is gone! It "uninstalled" itself after installing Exchange 2000, and I don&#039;t know how to connect to the SMTP service of Exchange. I keep getting a "permission denied" error from a webpage that uses CDONTS.