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    I am useing the help file here http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/030899-1.shtml and got it to work in the demo except for when i put in my live info it only shows the numeric values not the alpa numeric. Here is my datafile. thanks for the help. I am calling sku and price. It only shows the numeric skus.<BR><BR>Part,SKU,INV,PRICE<BR>0,SFFRN617B,4,2 38000<BR>40,10,0,1442<BR>280,104NETSK,0,1407<BR>39 0,110,0,1995

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    I think I can help, but, can you give a bit more detail as to what you are trying to do, and what data file type are you using?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Tony

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    Part,SKU,INV,PRICE<BR>0,"SFFRN617B",4,238000<BR>40 ,"10",0,1442<BR>280,"104NETSK",0,1407<BR>390,"110" ,0,1995<BR><BR>You really have prices that range from 1407 dollars (or pesos or yen or whatever) all the way up to 238,000????<BR><BR>And why would you ever have a part number of zero?<BR><BR>***********<BR><BR>If you followed that example *faithfully*, then this line in the "CSV.DSN" file *should* have helped the driver find the non-numeric columns:<BR> MaxScanRows=25<BR><BR>That tells the driver to look at the first 25 lines of the file (not including the header line) to try to figure out the data type of each column. So it *SHOULD* have looked at all 4 lines of your file and figured it out. But I&#039;ve had problems in the past where the only good solution was to use "..." around the non-numeric items.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got a demo at http://www.clearviewdesign.com/Newbie/Demos/ASPGraphing.asp that uses a CSV file, and that&#039;s how I got it to work.<BR><BR>

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