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    I have a page with 4 validator controls in it. Two of those (1 and 2) are always enabled and the other two (3 and 4) are enabled or disabled based on some certain criteria. I do a postback based on a check box and if the checkbox is checked then I turn the 3 and 4 validators on otherwise I turn them Off.. <BR>The first time page loads and I see the source. The span tags corresponding to 3 and 4th validator has a property "enabled=false" which is correct. I check the check box and on postback turn the 3 and 4 validators ON. I again see the source and find that the span tags for 3 and 4 still have a value of "False" for Enabled attribute "enabled = false"<BR>Why is that? I already enabled the validators. Shouldn&#039;t this property be set to TRUE?<BR>The validators work fine and display the error msg if I try to post the page without satisfying ther conditions.<BR>But now once I have activated the validator controls and after they display the error messages, even if I uncheck the checkbox the validator controls are still trying to validate the page. The funny thing is that I even debugged the whole code and saw the server code disabling the validator controls. I also have a couple of color changes on the page which tells me if the validators are enabled or disabled. Even those colors do not change.<BR><BR>Note: All this happens only when <BR>1. The validators are enabled <BR>2. I click on Update which triggers the validators to display error messages<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>

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    Changing the HTML Dom with Js on the client will not cause the html source to be altered.<BR><BR>If you are playing with which things are or are not validated, do not enable client side validation.

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