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    I have a web service sending data to my datagrid. Currently if I look up a value that has no record in the database I recieve no message. I would like to make the application display a message like "No records were found." Here&#039;s my code, <BR><BR>Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)<BR>Dim employeeID As String<BR>employeeID = Trim(TextBox1.Text)<BR>&#039;Declaration format: Dim variablename As New Namespace.Class<BR>Dim wsProxy As New EmployeeInfo.Employee()<BR><BR>DataGrid1.DataSourc e = wsProxy.GetEmployeeInfoEmployeeNumber(employeeID)< BR>DataGrid1.DataBind()<BR>End Sub<BR>

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    Instead of setting the function equal to the datasource put it into another object first and check the count of that object. Then if the count is &#062; 0 set the datasource to the object you just created and do your databind. Else display the message.

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