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Thread: Accelerate N-Tier application development within V

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    Default Accelerate N-Tier application development within V

    TierDeveloper provides full integration with the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE so that developers can accelerate N-Tier enterprise application development powered by TierDeveloper. Map middle-tier objects to relational tables, embed powerful SQL including queries and stored procedure calls, and instantly generate fully-functional .NET components (VB.NET and C#) from within Visual Studio .NET 2003. Also generate an ASP.NET web application to test these objects and design documents in HTML to cut down your learning curve.<BR><BR>TierDeveloper 2.0 has already gained developers attention and is successfully being used by a wide range of satisfied customers.<BR><BR>Download 30-day trial of TierDeveloper 2.0 from<BR><BR>Product Overview<BR>

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    This kind of product promotion is not really welcome in this forum.

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