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    Isn&#039;t there a major flaw in the code in the article &#039;An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control: Part 8&#039; and other similar code samples?<BR>If you implement the code at, now click to delete the first row of your grid - the row is deleted and disappears from your grid, fine.<BR>Now refresh the page (page reposts) - the current first row in the grid is deleted - oopse, not what you wanted.<BR><BR>Because the form post works on the e.Item.ItemIndex (grid row you clicked), it continues to delete whatever data you have in grid row 0 when you repost via a page refresh.<BR><BR>Any simple answer (apart from removing the F5 key from users keyboards)?

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    set an absolute expiry of the page to 1970 and all the other html headers that cause a page to never be cached . then when you refresh you wont be refreshing the postback - you&#039;ll be making a fresh request for the page

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