Hi guys,<BR><BR>I am looking for clues on how to post a Microsoft Office object (encapsulated in the &#060;OBJECT&#062; tag) to another printer-friendly page.<BR><BR>The scenario is as follow:<BR><BR>The user selects the parameters for the x- and y-axes for an Excel chart displayed in the main page, where the &#060;OBJECT id=objChartSpace&#062; resides. The parameters are defined in the object chart space by the following setting: <BR>objChartSpace.SetData C.chDimSeriesNames, C.chDataBound, "Product" <BR>objChartSpace.SetData C.chDimValues, C.chDataBound, "Sales" <BR>objChartSpace.SetData C.chDimFilter, C.chDataBound, "SBU" <BR>Thereafter the user clicks on the Print button to open a new printer-friendly page, displaying the same chart, incorporating all these changes to the parameter. <BR><BR>This is a straightforward ASP/HTML. Please revert if anyone has any clues.<BR><BR>Thanks.