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    I have a page that displays product information from a repeat region. The repeat region displays the product detail.<BR><BR>On the same row that displays this info, I also have a text field where the user can enter the number (quantity) of items they want to order.<BR><BR>So on the one page, they may select to order multiple products.<BR><BR>I am just wondering how I can insert the quantity information into an Access table? ie if the user orders 10 units of 3 different products, then I need to add 3 new records in my orders table that show the Product ID and the quantity ordered.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>RA<BR>

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    I just think of a shopping cart as a fancy name for a session array.<BR><BR>When finally storing an edited cart to the database, perhaps first delete any old records with the proper ID and then add all the records again. (So instead of an edit, it&#039;s a full delete and an add.)<BR><BR>Where can I get a shopping cart for my web site? - 4/11/2002<BR><BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>J. Paul Schmidt - Freelance ASP Web Developer<BR> - Creating "dynamic" Web pages that read and write from databases...<BR>

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