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    Does anyone know how to create a MS DOC or PDF using ASP?<BR><BR>I am trying to create a printable graph. The graph is consist of some text and backgroup colors and bitmaps. When using print button in IE 4/5 or Netscape, the background bitmaps and colors won&#039t print unless I change the print settings in the browser Options. The only thing I can think of is to create a DOC or PDF so that the visitors can print everything.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    I use the runtime module of Oracle reports to create PDF files for users. It has a good command line interface that you pass parameters into (a predefined report format). I kick the report off at the server command line using the Windows Scripting Host object. As for Word docs, I know you can do it with ActiveX controls but this is really only good for IE users. I guess if word had a command line interface you could do it that way, but I don&#039t know if it does.<BR><BR>-geeoff.

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