Hello - Can someone please help with my SQL.<BR><BR>I&#039m using FrontPage 2000, Access 2000 with ASP on PWS.<BR><BR>So that I have more control with SQL I`m using the Custom Query Box.<BR><BR>This is my problem.<BR><BR>I want users to be able to select the County + Town and add options (options being: Granny Annex, Garage, Parking)<BR><BR>All option fields have a default value of - (a dash)<BR><BR>What I&#039d like to happen is this - if an option field is left blank (-) then I want this field to be ignored and only return records that are an exact match.<BR><BR>If I use AND between every field then this is to tight, if I use OR this is a loose search.<BR><BR>Is there a way round this with parentheses to get what I&#039m after.<BR><BR>For clarity this is an example - The final SQL will have a lot more fields added;<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE (County = &#039::County::&#039 AND Town = &#039::Town::&#039 AND (GrannyAnnex = &#039::GrannyAnnex::&#039 OR Garage = &#039::Garage::&#039 OR Parking = &#039::Parking::&#039))<BR><BR><BR>Any help would be most appreciated,<BR><BR><BR>Stephen<BR><BR><BR><BR>