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Thread: Printing HTML -> Disabling page-headers/foote

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    Default Printing HTML -> Disabling page-headers/foote

    Hi,<BR><BR>When a visitor of a site prints the page there is that default header/footer on each page. (page title/ page 1 of 4 / an URL to the document). I would like to change and/or disable the header footer.<BR><BR>Is there a possibility to accomplish this? (IE Only is allright, it is on an intranet).<BR><BR>Greetings,<BR>THomas

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    Default AFAIK, you can't do this..

    .. without using an ActiveX control (which would work in an IE-only, Intranet environment).<BR><BR>I know there is a commercial control to do this, but I don&#039;t know the name offhand. Try checking Google for it.

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