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Thread: If N4 or IE4 stop page load & display message

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    Hi guys, <BR><BR>I&#039;m upgrading my site slowly to .NET and porting some things over, while upgrading others. I find myself continously sacrificing functionality for compatibility, and i&#039;ve had enough. Bascially 95% of our clients use IE5 or greater and as far as im concerned the rest can upgrade. <BR><BR>What I want do to in effect is just have a couple of lines of code that I can stick in the head of the page before It loads to stop the page from being generated if the user has Netscape or Internet Explorer 4 and display a message. <BR><BR>Apparently ASP.NET has this functionality... but as yet I havent found a concrete example. As I best to do this with .NET or Javascript? <BR><BR>I don&#039;t know if you guys have tried, but I basically want to achieve what Microsoft have done with Windows Update. Try going to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ in Netscape 4 / IE 4 and you&#039;ll notice it halts the page load and displays a "Upgrade your browser message". <BR><BR>Can anyone shed any light on achieveing this in .NET?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>James

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    Default ServerVariables.

    You can get the HTTP_USER_AGENT or something like that. Just parse that out to determine the browser and it&#039;s version.

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