VBScript: Request.BinaryRead to a string?

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Thread: VBScript: Request.BinaryRead to a string?

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default VBScript: Request.BinaryRead to a string?

    Within VBScript, does anybody know of a way to move the .binaryRead info into an ASCII string (without writing it to a file or database cell first)?<BR><BR>The Situation:<BR>I have an ASCII upload component (1 useful function) which does a request.binaryRead and goes through the resulting safeArray and turns it -- element by element -- into a string which I can search for form data (inclusive of entire uploaded ASCII files, which is what I want to do).<BR><BR>I want to ditch the component, but -- as near as I can tell -- VBScript won&#039t let me do *anything* to a "safeArray" (result of a .binaryRead) except a .binaryWrite. Suggestions (as limited per above)?

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Refined: MidB function (cc: unmoderated)

    Okay, I found http://www.asptoday.com/articles/20000316.htm which sort of covers what I&#039m working with and introduced me to the midB function -- which doesn&#039t work on my server. Error is "Invalid procedure call or arguement" -- even on Philippe&#039s code.<BR><BR>Anybody seen this/know this?

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