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    Rob Guest

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    While working with Index Server as Search function for the Site I&#039m building I am finding that it is bringing up files. Is there any way to make the query just serach for .asp files. When iterating through the Do While loop in the Recordset I used a conditional statement to weed out the .inc files but the numbers of RS.AbsolutePosition have holes in them. Anyone have any ideas???

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    Rob Guest

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    If anyone ever needs this here&#039s the solution I used to just search asp pages ( include files) on your site......<BR><BR> set Q = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Query")<BR> set util = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Util")<BR><BR> Q.Query = CompSearch & " and #filename *.asp"<BR> Q.SortBy = "rank[d]"<BR> Q.Columns = "DocTitle, vpath, filename, size, write, characterization, rank, path"<BR> Q.MaxRecords = 300<BR><BR>The trick is " and #filename *.asp" appended on the SearchString which here is called CompSearch.<BR><BR>Rob

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