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    Hi,<BR><BR>How can i read meta tags of a file. I know how to read the file, but how can i get the meta-tag-content?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    you need to add a simple search script to look for:-<BR><BR>[opening string]<BR>&#060;meta name="description" content="<BR><BR>[closing string]<BR>"&#062;<BR><BR>the content inbetween is your meta information<BR><BR>I pulled the following lines out of one of my scripts to give you an idea - I haven&#039t checked if it&#039s complete! :)<BR><BR><BR>Start_MetaSearch = "&#060;meta name=""description"" content="""<BR>Start_MetaSearch_LEN = Len(Start_MetaSearch)<BR>End_MetaSearch = """&#062;"<BR>End_MetaSearch_LEN = Len(End_MetaSearch)<BR><BR> iPos = InStr(iPos,strContents,Start_MetaSearch)<BR><BR> If iPos = 0 then<BR> strDesc = "No Description"<BR> Else<BR> iPos_End = InStr(iPos+Start_MetaSearch_LEN,strContents,End_Me taSearch)<BR> StrLEN = iPos_End - (iPos+Start_MetaSearch_LEN)<BR> strDesc = Mid(strContents,iPos+Start_MetaSearch_LEN,StrLEN)< BR> End If<BR><BR>fl1rt<BR>

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